Money Saving with Metal Built Homes

The Home Repair Center understands your needs of having a custom built home suited for you and your family. We also understand the importance of you saving money, having a home that his more durable than the majority of homes and the comfort of making a solid investment in one of your largest assets. Metal built homes are on the rise and are better suited for climate conditions, lower insurance costs, and easy expansion for your growing family. Contact us to find out more.


Custom Specialties

If you are in need of custom, high quality electric and lighting for your home we are the solution for you. We know the value of a well-lit home and understand that its one of your home’s most important features. Let our experts give you a free consultation on a efficient lighting plan and make the interior of your house much more beautiful.

Panic Rooms/Safe Rooms

Safety in your own home is vital for you and your family. A safe room is a secure place in your home where you or individuals in your home can go to avoid any threat of danger that may arise. We can build panic rooms/safe rooms that protect you against home invasion and storms from Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Our panic rooms/safe rooms can also protect family and guest in your home in the case of earthquakes.

Image provided by supplier

Image provided by supplier

Custom Plumbing

Custom Plumbing

We provide custom plumbing services for all your residential and commercial needs. If you need plumbing for new additions to your home, repairs or renovations, we provide the custom plumbing you need.


Home Maintenance Repairs
Appliance Repairs
Buy Property
(any condition)


Storefront Installations
Water Heaters
Bulk Trash
Snow Removal
Mold Mediation
Property Rehab
Risk Assessment
Buy Multi-Unit
Bldgs and/or
Commercial Props

Specialty Services

Panic Rooms
Hidden Safes
Hidden Rooms
Safe Houses
Daycare repairs and Construction by regulations
Cosmetology and Barbershop construction
Rehabs Codes and Regulations


Specialized in working with Real Estate Investors and Agents

Job Openings Include:

    • Maintenance
    • Sub-Contractors
      • Painters
      • Roofers
      • Gutter/Siding Installers
      • Carpenters
      • Flooring Installers
      • Cabinet Installers
      • Exterior Door Installers

We service Public schools, Private Schools , Charter schools, Daycare and Leaning centers

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